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September 10, 2012



I liked you on facebook.

Fidel Moreno

Hello and Congrats on the Herbal SChool and Farm!
We would love to interview you and another from the school on WBRK's Community In Concert radio program every Friday from 11am to 12noon. Choose a Friday and let's confirm dates soon. Fidel & Susan www.healingwinds.net Email: fmoreno@cybermesa.com Tel. 413-443-2481 Thanks!

Dr Mélanie DesChâtelets, Naturopathic Doctor

Love the herb combination your choose for your winter health empowerment package! Just curious how do you prepare your echinacea? Which species and extraction method? I love alkylamides. Your readers may be interested in this article describing echinacea.


Have a great day!


Dr Mélanie

tony(a) Lemos

Hello Dr Mélanie,
To answer your question we grow e. pallida and e. purpurea when it is in flower tincture the leaf and flower in 50% alcohol and after the first frost strain the tincture and strain the tincture, compost the marc and re-use the menstrum to tincture the fresh roots. Meanwhile I tincture dried E. Augustifolia from a friend who grows that species and then combine the two final tinctures. I have been very happy with the final product!

Rhonda Anderson

<3 wonderful!!

Ellen Knowlton

I just liked you on Facebook and ordered your Winter Health Empowerment Package. I am so looking forward to trying your products and the DIY class:)

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