I am thinking the Amanda Crawford class is from years past, as Aug 25 is a tue?


Herbal Remedies And Herbal Supplements Information !!

James Murphy

I haven't done any course like this but I think it will helpful to gain full knowledge about herbalism.


Do you do any work study or work trade to negate any of the cost?

Alanna Dunn

Please contact me. I'm interested in the program in 2017

Michel Price

Over 16years ago i have been battling with a way to cure my LUNG,BREAST and LIVER CANCER DISEASE, my doctor told me there was No permanent cure for me to make this disease permanently gone, i got home and weep all night and because of this i had to put a hold on my relationship life without any man, i turned down all men as to first find a cure for myself, i paid a visit to several herbals homes they all gave me different types of medicine and nothing was working out at all. i almost gave up to believe that my doctor could be right, the next day evening, i continue on the search when i came across Dr MABUWA. many testified about him. then i knew he must have a cure for me, i emailed him and he responded that i will get his herbal medicine and will also testify about him. greatest surprise it was true, after i receive it and got direction and after 2weeks i went to check my self and my result NEGATIVE. why not contact this great healer and also be cured from your disease my viewers, Email or his Message his Mobile:+2348130714541 or visit his web:

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