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March 23, 2011


Sheri Lee Pierce

I've been doing alot of thinking (worrying) about sustainability too, so this post really struck a chord! Thank you for offering such an important course at such a low rate. This knowledge is so needed!

I hope we can bring herbs and medicine-making into the fore of the conversation when talking about eating local, buying local, and sustainable farming. It's too important to be overlooked!

And food as medicine = Eat your herbs!

Best of luck with the house-hunting. I hope you find your perfect spot, up there in those beautiful hills.

:) sheri

Tony(a) lemos

Thanks Sheri let's keep the conversation going...

Supra shoes

In solidarity with the sustainable farming movement, it is important that we begin to make local choices regarding our family health-care. Despite the cost, the commitment to grow or make our medicines or purchase locally and organically grown herbs is an investment in the health of the planet. Remember Herbal medicine is the medicine if the People practical thrifty and fun, over 80% of the worlds population still uses herbs as their primary means of healthcare.

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