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April 13, 2012


Account Deleted

what a great give-away- I love seaweed- tastes so so good! I have taken to adding it to much of my food, particularly kelp. I would love to see a pic of your seaweed tattoo! I am going to make a cup a tea and hang out at your blog for a while!

Rhonda Anderson

Yum! My family loves kelp cayenne sprinkled on just about everything, dulse chowder and sesame toasted seaweed chips.... Yummyummyum!!!

Morna Leonard

My favorite seaweed recipe has long been for laver cakes, basically oat cakes with seaweed pieces or flakes added. Yum.

Nathalie Lewis

I love seaweed! My favorite recipe is pretty random and tastes amazing when served alongside just about anything. Olive oil, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, generous amt of nori- fried up and layered over a huge roasted portabella cap. You could layer it with or on eggplant or zucchini slices too depending on your preference- but I like the portabella cap. I generally inclined to call it an earth patty- but in the context of this article and blog- and for future reference- I might rename it the Ocean Burger.....

A Facebook User

I like to fry up dulse in olive oil, then eat it as a chip or in greens or carrots. Yum!!

A Facebook User

Fascinating article! My favorite recipe is a wakame & butternut squash soup. Super delicious!


My fav SeaWeed recipe is : Arame Ginger Delight: soaked arame w generous amount of pickled ginger ( sliced ginger marinated in acv or other brine)shredded beets and carrots. Serve atop dandelion greens or chickweed . Top off w toasted sesame seeds... Yum!!(* added raw fresh peas or corn is extra nice looking and tasting!)


My favorite seaweed recipe is gamasio: ground up dry seaweed, salt, and ground sesame seeds. I eat it on everything.

tonya lemos

And the Winner is #4 Nathalie Lewis!

Heartburn No More Review

I tried a bag of roasted seaweed I found at "Trader Joe's." Pretty interesting - it tastes like it has a lot of salt but the label says only 50mg in half the package.

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My favorite seaweed recipe has long been for laver cakes, basically oat cakes with seaweed pieces or flakes added. Yum.

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