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May 04, 2017


Sheri Lee Pierce

This is wonderful encouragement! What a great idea!

I am on the road to better health!

:) sheri


love this! i was totally going to do this with my blog readers in february! 30 days of nettle suggested by a friend changed my world last fall.

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I am on the road to better health!


i'm jumping on board a bit late (new to the site), but i am in!! on the road to better health!!

nettles keep coming up for me this month, so it's only natural to pursue them fully. thank you.

tonya lemos

welcome all! Looking forward to hearing your experiences....
never too late ivana!
many blessings, t

tonya lemos

Here's Another great link for nettle infusion!


tonya lemos

I'd love to hear some of your nettle experiences from this month!

Have you seen what Kristen Brown is up to here

Sheri Lee Pierce

Hi Tonya and all, I'd like to say I met the challenge perfectly, but I cheated twice when I was too lazy to make my infusion - I used tincture I had on hand instead.

But it sure felt good to be getting back into the practice of making infusions each night :)

One thing I noticed which may be related is that I didn't have munchies at night (my husband and I have gotten in the habit of having a late snack when we sit down to watch television). How cool is that?

tonya lemos

yes Sheri that is one of my fav! "side effects" of drinking nettle (and Oatstraw) regularily. Actually the Bitters (this months challenge help with the munchies also! thanks for playing along!

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I haven't tried this yet. But will surely do when I get my own nettle.

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