The Art and Revolution of Self Care- Winter Edition



Caring for myself is not self-indulgence.

It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

Audre Lorde


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Care to join me? 

We'll begin on the NEW MOON on Feb 9th 2024

about the program:

🫀It is an invitation to rest and re-set, to gather and grow together

🫀Each day for 30 days you will receive an email with an attached PDF, featuring a prompt,  a practice, a sample ritual, a quote/affirmation, and a seasonal recipe or two*.  Some practices will be cumulative (and others a one time experience). Some days you will find the suggested action easy and some days perhaps a little more challenging, some days the rituals will speak right to you and other days you may want pass and to create your own. 

* I try to keep them simple with items which most people have in their homes or can be found at the local grocery store, if I suggest a more specialized herb or ingredient I will offer more common alternatives also. I want to introduce nourishing herbal practices to you but also make it immediately and transformative

🫀You will be guided to create your own personal self care toolkit and manual. 

🫀We will have a private (optional) Facebook page to document your progress and share challenges with other, I will be popping in daily to cheer you all along and offer inspiration and support.


This email/PDF based course gives you tools you can return to time and time again.  Often all we need that one little action to shift our mindset/ the energy and to be able to take those small steps needed to start to feel more like ourselves.  Something I have learnt during my 25 years in the Holistic Health Care field is that by creating reliable self-care habits we can be more present, make clearer decision, and begin to unlock the fullness of life.

Be prepared to start feeling very full :-)

The best road to self care is to establish simple, daily practices which remind you of the gifts, benefits, blessings,  you enjoy and the goodness that prevails in your life. Step by step we can reset our past programming and begin to treat ourselves with love.


What you need to participate in the class:

Really just show up and participate

🌱A Journal or notebook (a place to catch your thoughts) would be helpful

🌱30-45 minutes set aside for you each day during your 30-day experience

🌱Willingness to try new things! and find new ways to be in community.



Together we will define Self Care and its importance. 

Create a culture, community and Practice of Self care

Explore Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

Be Intentional, Be Strong together

Create Ceremony and Prayer

Integrate and Inspire

Commit and Reward

 Be in Gratitude

and Love

Join the Self - Care Revolution! 



And remember that we are in this together! No-one needs to suffer alone. Reach out! and be kind to one another


We will begin this journey on the first New Moon of 2023, Jan 21st

Program Details:


Sliding Scale Price:  $33-$66

A word about the sliding scale: Please offer what you feel comfortable paying. If you are able to pay more know that you are supporting someone who is struggling financially but feels like this program would benefit them.  If you are buying the course and gifting it to someone please let me know. Once I receive your payment I will be emailing you more details.


Paypal: The Art and Revolution of Self-Care  

Venmo @tonya-lemos


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about your guide:

I, Tony(a) Lemos have been a community herbalist for close to 30 years and have been the Director of Blazing Star Herbal School for 21 years guiding and mentoring herbal apprentices on their journeys with plant medicine. I am passionate about sharing my love of plants, people and the planet and helping people experience the feeling of connection which happens when communities are formed.

I am also passionate about Self Care, the intersection of herbalism and lifestyle, Sensory Plant Medicine, Spiritual Health with Plants and the Plant/Person relationship.  I also offer holistic herbal lifestyle consultations and individualized healing sessions. 

Beyond the Blazing Star Herbal School I am a published author and have lectured at multiple venues including the Northeast Women’s Herbal Conference,  the Green Nations Gathering, the Flower Essence Conference, The Northeast Aromatherapy Conference, NOFA MASS,  United Plant Savers and the CT Institute of Herbal Studies (1996-2006) and a multitude of local healing centers and yoga studios.

More than anything I love bringing people together who share interest in what it means to be in a  healthy relationship with all sentient beings. 


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